Public Health Links


Health Info

Reliable sources of evidence-based

medical information and FACT sheets

General Medical Information


Better Health Channel

VIC government site with concise fact sheets for diet, medicines, common ailments and diseases. There is some good advice about complimentary medicines.

Patient UK

Comprehensive fact sheets for almost every condition and common medicines. Also has a great symptom checker that is much less scary than Dr Google.

Mayo Clinic

Easy to read and detailed information about diseases and common ailments. Has a great section on emergency first aid for chest pain, or bites, or burns.



Women's Health Information


The Women's

Everything you want to know and didn't even know you needed to know about pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding  and having a new baby. Evidence-based and straight forward advice. Great resource for general gynaecology, sexuality and menopause.



Healthy Kids


The Royal Children's Hospital

A one-stop shop for advice about all things kids : topics include newborns, healthy eating, bed wetting, asthma and puberty. They also have an App for your smartphone or android!



CDC Travel

The American Center for Disease Control where you can search by destination, disease or vaccination. Also has great general advice about clean water, food safety and travel injuries.



Sexual Health


MSHC Sexual Transmitted Infections

Up to date, evidence-based information about STIs. Also has information about contact tracing and multilingual translations.

MSHC Alfred Sexual Health

Fabulous information about general problems that can affect sexual health such as urinary tract infections or thrush. Also has information about the morning after pill and sexual health concerns for gay couples.

Shine Sexual Health

As you know, I love all things Adelaide and Shine is one of our most impressive establishments. They have the best fact sheet for how to take the oral contraceptive pill correctly.

NGO and Public Health

Chronic Disease Foundations

Many chronic diseases have their own local and international foundations that are great resources for patients and their families. You can often call their number and talk to someone who has had direct experience with other people who have the same condition. The ones I've listed are foundations I commonly use or refer people to, but there are many many more. 

Diabetes Australia

Information about how to eat well, links to State Associations and memberships and also link to National Diabetes Services Scheme for subsidised test strips, needles and insulin pumps.

Asthma Foundation

Great videos to check you are using your puffer correctly. Downloadable emergency asthma first aid plan for the fridge and the asthma action plan for kids to take to school (or childcare).

Arthritis Foundation

Fabulous collection of fact sheets about different arthritic conditions, medications used in arthritis and dealing with pain including complimentary medicines. Many multilingual options.

Cancer Council Australia

The window to understanding cancer and most of the common cancers are comprehensively explained.

Heart Foundation

Great advice about healthy eating and managing cholesterol and transfats. Calculate your BMI (body mass index) and understand high blood pressure.



Is your money going where you want it to go?

Give Now

Finding a legitimate charity is so difficult it is sometimes easier to do nothing at all. I really appreciate the group behind Give Now who have a reasonably transparent method of assessing charities. Their case reports show robust analysis and are a good way to understand where your dollar goes and whether that really adds value to someone's life.


Twice the Doctor

This is a wonderful NGO started by a Rheumatologist based in NSW who wanted to volunteer but was too committed at home. Instead, he donates 1 day of his wages a year to cover approximately a month of wages for a Dr in a another country. 1 day, 2 Drs. 


Healthy Minds

Mental Health Resources


An easy to navigate and comprehensive site for youth mental health. They have a really useful evidence maps so you can find out if a treatment, medicine or therapy is likely to help.

Beyond Blue

The gurus of anxiety and depression -  Beyond Blue have worked very hard to answer every question. They also have a 24 hour emergency line 1300 22 46 36.


If you want to see a psychologist to talk about any maladaptive thoughts or behaviours, to debrief, or to help you cope with overwhelming times in your life, the first step is to talk to your GP. They might arrange a Mental Health Care plan  to receive a Medicare rebate when you see the psychologist. Or they'll advise you if other treatment is needed.



Headspace has a free app or online 10 day 'mind gym' for meditation beginners. It's a great way to learn how to plant your feet back on the ground during a busy day in the office or running after kids.


Exercise the brain

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

If you're a bookworm like me, you will love this site. It is the philosopher's Wiki full of alphabetically searchable philo-topics updated and edited by academics in residence. A great way to pass a Sunday morning.


McSweeney's are a San Fran based publishing house that release a series of quarterly books such as the Voice of Witness - inspiring stories about people changing their communities. They also have links to their blogs: The Organist (a weekly experimental arts and culture program) and VAD Foundation (South Sudan Community development program - from the authors of What is the What).


Multi Lingual Resources


Adult Health

Asian Alliance for Health : search by topic

Bowel Cancer Screening : search by language

Centre for Cultural Diversity in Aging : Aged Care, Health Associations, Mental Health

Good food for New Arrivals : Afghan, Sudanese, Arabic, Dari. Vit D info.

Mater Brisbane : info for Refugee health assessments translated

Medline Plus : search by language or topic

Multicultural Diabetes Portal : search by language for diabetes and diet educations

National Network of Libraries (NYC) : search by language to find database of health info.

NSW Health index : search by language or topic

Selected Patient information in Asian Languages SPIRAL: search by topic

Shine : Contraception and Sexual Health 

VIC Health : search by language

Kids Health

About Kids Health : Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Swahili

NSW Gov. Kids Health Fact Sheets: Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Bengali, Nepali, Greek

Welcome Here (Canada) : Early childhood parenting fact sheets : learning and diet.

Links for Doctors

Clinical Practice Guidelines 

In conjunction with NHMRC the Australian government website to link to CPGs

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 

Preventative medicine Green Book

Care for older persons Silver Book

Abuse and violence White Book

Smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity SNAP

Emergency CPGs Paediatric

Paediatric Guidelines Ambulance VIC

Paediatric emergency drug doses 

Rural Paediatric emergency CPG (NSW)

Paediatric Airway RCH

Paediatric Normal Physiological Levels RCH

Paediatric Afebrile Seizure RCH

Paediatric Sedation and Analgesia RCH

Paediatric Trauma Secondary Survey RCH

Paediatric ALS St Vincent's

Poisons and Toxicology 

There are state websites and hotlines. NSW poisons information is accessible from across the country on 13 11 26. 


Herbal Medicine

Herbal monographs outline the clinical indications, contraindications and evidence for medicinal herbs. This blog about recipes written by academics, herbalists and historians explains how to access monographs and links to online resources including European Medicines Agency and WHO

Surgeon's Knots

Videos for suturing techniques and other laceration repairs.





Emergency CPGs Adult

Adult Guidelines Ambulance VIC

Obstetric Guidelines Ambulance VIC

Pharmacology Guidelines

Life in the Fast Lane Clinical Care Copendium Blog has everything you need to know about ECGs, emergency drugs, new smartphone apps and clinical updates from tech savvy ED consultants.

Surviving Sedation Guidelines via Dr Minh Le Cong's Blog.

The Doctor's Bag App by NPS, finally one for Australian doctors - emergency drugs and dose calculators that you can use offline when you're out bush.

Eye Anatomy Podcast is an amazing 3 part series by Irish Doctor, Andy Neil who is part of the FOAMed network. You can link through to the full RCEM podcast series on iTunes for free subscription.



Refugee Guidelines Australia

Current recommendations for Comprehensive Health Assessment for newly arrived refugees, available for free download. Includes guidelines for investigation and management of TB, HIV, Schistosomasis and Stroingyloids.

Other Lovely Places

worthy of a CLICK

On ethical fashion...

I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about how to minimise my personal contribution to consumerism, waste and the negative impact fashion has on our natural environment and people. In short, it's tricky and like many things, comes back to how much effort and flexibility I'm willing to give.

I'll briefly tell you what I've learned. In short it's a matter of teasing out what are the different ethical elements in the fashion industry and which elements are priorities for me to consider when I make a purchase. Undeniably, the production of clothing is a complex web of material farming or manufacture, product design, creation and processing, then marketing, sales and transport. 

My personal priorities are to minimise my impact on our natural environment and avoid any chance of worker exploitation. For other people it might be focussing on materials that are farmed organically and are chemical-free. 

Given my priorities, the way to shop with the least impact is simple:

  • Buy second hand
  • From local vendors
  • Less

But that just isn't realistic for me. It gives me immense pleasure to find new designers, I love new shoes and I don't always find what I want from an op-shop. 

So my current strategy is to run through a check-list in my mind, generally only buy online where I can research companies and avoid going into stores to minimise impulsive buying.

  • Buy Australian made: this reduces the chance of workers being under-paid or exposed to unhealthy work practices. It also reduces the pollution from shipping.
  • Aim for a higher quality items that will last longer.
  • Limit to brands who explain their production process.
  • Say no to pretty shopping bags, plastic and paper wrapping.
  • Choose pieces that transition from work-wear, to casual, to dressy so I know I'll wear them often. 

Below are my favourite fashion sources - 

Elizabeth Suzann

Visit Elizabeth Suzanne here

Visit Elizabeth Suzanne here

Liz created her brand expressly to promote slow fashion (clothing made slowly), high quality materials, craftsmanship and timeless design sensibility. Her website has the wonderful addition of detailing the origin of the fabrics she uses and I've included a quote below to show how challenging it is for a lay-shopper to make ethical choices - 

What we think about the morality of using silk: Silkworms raised for their fiber are killed before emerging from their cocoons. There has been debate over the ethics of using silkworms for the production of silk, and some researchers are working to develop a way to effectively harvest silk from the cocoon without killing the worm. However, silkworms have been bred for silk production for over 4,700 years and, in that time-span, both the worm and resulting moth have become dependent on human care. Silkworms no longer exist in the wild and cannot survive on their own. 

Liz founder of Elizabeth Suzanne

Original page here


Of a Kind

                                                      Of a Kind

                                                      Of a Kind

I love this site! The online store mimics the experience of walking through a deliciously curated shop filled with ceramics, accessories, clothes and art. Once again they promote slow-production, choosing products generally made by hand and in limited quantities. They include stories about the designers and artisans, and you can see how many 'of a kind' of scarf, or necklace, or bowl you will exclusively own.

Reve on Vert

VisitReve on Vert here

Another online store who do their research to offer brands that are environmentally low impact, ethically produced, and aim to reduce consumption. They offer beautiful, high quality basics to elegant work wear.



On edible gardens...


I was thrilled to discover that Diggers is not only an amazing source of heirloom seeds and boutique bulbs, but they also have an online store and ship from the beautiful Adelaide Botanic gardens.

On Ballet...

Whenever I'm feeling lost, despondent, cynical, one of the things that never fails to re-inspire me is ballet. There are so many beautiful ballet companies and dance troupes to follow - New York City Ballet, The Australian Ballet, Alvin Ailey - the dancers, choreographers, musicians, costume designers.. everyone is committed, hardworking and inspiring. To me they represent the wondrous capacity of the human spirit to create energy and beauty. 

FYI, I was a wannabe dancer but stopped dancing when I was 15 because I didn't think Asian girls could be ballerinas. So Misty Copeland is a shining star - the first black-American soloist to dance the lead in Swan Lake. 

On writing...

George Saunders was listed by The New Yorker in 2002 as one of the best writers under 40. He talks about writing and telling a good story to The Atlantic in this video.